Wedding Photos

Whatever the guest list wedding - whether you have a large amount of guests like royalty, or just a dozen people, there is one element that always stands out and will remain standing out for a long time. That is your photos.

You have to admit that people (especially brides) work terribly hard to make the wedding day special. Flowers are bought to add beauty, catering is done carefully, the wedding cake is impressive and guests are all dressed up in their best, newest apparel. For all the work that goes into this one, special day it's understandable that the people involved want to capture it in as many ways as possible.


Royal Wedding: The Trimmings!

Royal Wedding: the trimmings! As every bride knows, the jewellery and trimmings are what finishes off a beautiful wedding dress. Here are the trimmings Kate chose. Click on the links under 'Popular Posts' to read more details about each item.

Kate's tiara.

Have You Got A Travel Checklist

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of My Travel Checklist for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Prince William has just arrived in the Falkland Islands for an extended stay. Before this trip, his new wife, Catherine and he had traveled to several different countries on 'official visits'. Unlike us, the royals must have their bags packed to perfection. Their every need and desire are catered for and you bet, their servants in charge for packing their travel bags would never forget to pack anything. 

We can also be treated like royalty when it comes to getting our perfect travel list. We still have to pack the bags ourselves, but at least we'll never again forget important items because Mondial Assistance have come up with a brilliant, free widget called, My Travel Checklist. This widget can be easily downloaded on your computer or mobile device. It will help you plan your holiday and provide you with a list of all you need to pack, regardless of where you're going in the world, whatever time of year you're traveling.

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
In this time of posterity, every little discount and special offer helps the family to save money. We've just heard that in Britain, hundreds of thousands of families may lose their child benefit. This is unheard of, but likely to happen. The Government is trying to save money by any means necessary, and are even taking unpopular decisions. However, this always seems to affect the poor and not the rich. 

This is why it's refreshing to hear that Walgreens have come up with a way average families can save money. They're offering family memberships in the form of a special discounts on prescriptions, in their Prescription Savings Club.

Winter Wedding Invitations

Many people plan their weddings in the summer so that they're not uncomfortable or cold in their wedding garments. No matter what time of year you get married though, you're not assured that you'll have good weather on the day. 
I was a winter bride, but funnily enough, the sun shone in all its glory for two hours that day. It was all the time I needed for the outdoor bits, thankfully. We didn't have a glorious, massive wedding, so the need for wedding invitations did not arise.


If you're planning your winter wedding would you go for winter wedding invitations with snowflakes, robins and other seasonal tributes, or would you choose a more general sort of invitation?
For me, a summer wedding seems to be much better than one held in the colder months, but if I was going to go for winter renewal of vows, I think I'd have to go all the way and have all my invitations, food, centre pieces etc, fully winter themed.

What do you think?