British Royal Wedding, A European Hit

The British Royal wedding is a European hit indeed! Many travellers from Europe are planning to visit London at the time of the British Royal wedding in April 2011. They hope for a glimpse of the couple, a pair known worldwide for their accessibility. This is an admirable trait Prince William has taken from his late mother.
Young women all over Europe, and indeed the rest of the world, had dreams of marrying the handsome heir to the throne. Now he's to wed Kate Middleton in April, many hearts have been broken.

Germany has come up with a solution - somewhat. A large travel company is offering affordable week-end trips to London to coincide with the Royal wedding. The package includes trips to places of interest to the Royal family (with reference to the young couple). They'll hope to see a glimpse of the wedding party, of course. In addition they'll  visit the following:

Westminster Abbey, where the wedding will take place. This was also the venue of Prince William's parents' wedding (and his grandmother's too).

Garrard Jewellers. This is where Princess Diana's (Prince William's mother) engagement ring came from. This is also the ring Kate Middleton wears. (Ring below)

18 carat, blue, sapphire ring, surrounded by 14 pieces of diamonds.

Among other places, the tour will also include a visit to Buckingham Palace. I'm sure they'll plan it to coincide with the changing of the guards. This is an event everyone should see once in a lifetime. Make sure you get a place at the front of the crowd, though.

Visitors will also be presented with tickets to visit the tower of London, where the crown jewels are kept...
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