Chinese Will Enjoy Profits From Royal Wedding

My son has a way of saying, 'Everything is made in China!' While this is not true, the world is about to see a new version of Chinese industriousness. With the Royal Wedding planned for April, 2011, some Chinese manufacturers are about to make a large monetary profit from this high-profile event.

They're making hundreds of thousands of replica engagement rings. These are not only collectibles for the future, but I have a feeling that most young girls will be pleased to sport such a fine piece of jewellery on their finger - replica or not.

A large number of factories, located in the eastern Chinese city of Yiwu, are now manufacturing this piece of jewellery. Apparently, buyers can either choose from the cheaper version (acrylic) or the more expensive version  (zircon and silver-coated copper).

The Royal Ring ~Prince William and Kate Engagement Ring

Of course, to side-step the trademark issue, the Chinese manufactures will change the pattern of the Royal engagement ring slightly. The original piece of jewellery has 14 pieces of diamonds, so they will produce theirs with a fewer 'stones'. These rings are expected to be a big hit all over the world. They're already flying off the shelves and the manufactures are expected to make an enormous profit.

They've also made many other Royal Wedding memorabilia, but the rings seem to be the most popular at the moment.