Royal Wedding Invitations

Royal wedding invitations are one of the most sought after pieces of paper in the world at the moment. I haven't got mine in the post yet, but I don't suppose I ever will :-) How about you? Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding invitations are so hot, the media have been having lots of fun speculating who's going to get them and who's out of the picture. Let's see what they've been saying. Don't forget to check the end of the article for ideas on what your wedding invitations can look like. 

Royal wedding invitations


It was recently revealed that Prince William and Kate Middleton will not be inviting the Obama's to their April wedding. It's reported that the couple want to invite more 'commoners' than head of states. The fact that Prince William is not the next heir to the throne apparently makes this okay in 'royalty' terms. Prince William's father, Prince Charles (almost a pensioner) is still waiting to become king at 62 years of age. This could mean that Prince William himself could live out his best years as a Prince - but that's another story.

The invitation list has not been made public, but the Italian leader Sarkozy could be in for a treat. The thousand strong guests will be mostly made up of charity workers, society people, family and friends. Many people all over the world are paying attention to this Royal engagement. Even (a replica of) the blue dress Kate wore to announce her engagement has been sold out from Tesco - in one hour! (See below). What's more, the fashion doll made of Kate Middleton wearing that dress has been a sudden hit on the web. It's a repeat of the hype surrounding Princess Diana's engagement dress all over again.

Kate Middleton, The Royal Engagement, 17-Inch Vinyl Fashion Doll by Paradise Galleries Master Sculptor

Girls all over the world want a piece of the Royalty hype. They're buying and storing up these dolls to show to their daughters and granddaughters - maybe even make a profit in 10 years' time when the doll is no longer available. Her (Diana's) engagement rings replicas (the expensive ones) are also fast becoming collectable jewellery. For those with less money, commemorative mugs and mouse pads will just have to do. If you want one of your own, try the link on the left, as Amazon have been selling them like hot potatoes already. It's amazing they still have any left. They must have made a large number of them to still have any in stock at the moment. 

It still remains to be seen what the wedding invitations will look like. For 'commoners' like us we have to make do with less glamorous invitations. Some of us even like to make our own. It's very easy these days to pick up a wedding invitation kit and do it yourself.  This one on the left is very reasonably priced. It shows you a step-by-step tutorial and gives you all you need for a personalised wedding invitation kit. The beauty of this is that no other wedding invitation will be quite like yours. There's also room to put in that extra personal touch each couple wants for their own wedding. You don't even have to do it yourself. Family members with a creative streak can take on the job and leave you free to do the other important tasks that come with having a wedding. 

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