Royal Wedding Pictures

Royal wedding pictures have always been scrutinised globally, especially when it concerns the British royals. Remember when Prince Charles and Lady Diana got married?  The world is still wondering whether or not Prince William and Kate (Princess Catherine, as she will be called after the wedding) will sell the rights to their royal wedding pictures. I'm sure paparazzi are circling the couple's reps like hungry wolves getting ready for a slaughter, however, it's still a wait-and-see game at the moment.

Royal Wedding Pictures
We're all aware of the circus surrounding the wedding of William's parents, Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Here's a recap of some of the stunning pictures which circulated at the time.

Royal wedding pictures- Prince Charles and Lady Diana

Picture taken from the English Monarchs website.

Royal wedding pictures - the gown
Diana's dress for her royal wedding. Photo from Wedding Laterns from Wish Lantern

Royal wedding pictures - Prince Charles 
The beautiful couple posing for their Royal Wedding pictures. Photo from Summer of Love

Royal wedding pictures - Lady Diana's gown
I think one of the things that made this David and Elizabeth Emanuel piece the most famous wedding dress in the world, was this 25 feet train. The gown was also sewn with gold thread and cost about £9,000. Would Kate go for something like this or a more modern variety?  Bookmakers have put the following designers in the running for the big job; Phillipa Lepley, Daniella Issa Helayel, or (maybe) Elizabeth Emanuel.  Photo from

For Royal fans everywhere, this tape (on the left) of the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Diana was the next best thing to seeing it live on TV. Too many books have been written. Too many reviews have been made. The couple had been dogged by the media from the day they were married and sadly, until the day Diana died.
Let's hope that things will be different for her son(s) and his wife.

Here's a  commemorative photo to last a lifetime. You can purchase it at the link.

Prince Charles & Princess Diana Wedding 16x20

So  how about you? Have you got some beautiful Royal wedding pictures stuffed somewhere in your attic?