Queen Mother Wedding Dress Sold

The Queen Mother, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (as she was known before she married Prince Albert Duke of York, got married on April 26th, 1923. 
She may have set the tradition of Royal weddings at Westminster Abbey. Her daughter, Queen Elizabeth 11 did the same, and now, her great grandson William.

Her dress, as you can see from the pictures above, is rather simple for a Royal bride, but in a period of austerity (post WW1), it would've seemed rather indulgent and improper for the Royals to advertise their wealth in an extravagant wedding. Many supporters of Prince William and Kate expect them to do the same. 

The Queen Mother's wedding dress was sold in a Bristol auction for £3,500, a lot more than was expected. This was maybe due to the hype surrounding the Royals at the moment, with the expectation of the latest Royal wedding in April this year.