Royal Wedding Stamps

The Royal family is pulling out all the stops for their next big wedding. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th, 2011 has already been declared a public holiday. Wedding Memorabilia sales are well under way and brides-to-be all over the UK and indeed, the world, are looking forward to Kate's (Catherine - as she will be called) wedding dress, cake etc, to copy for themselves.

Mario Testino's (a celebrity photographer) picture of the couple will be used to print stamps as collectibles.  The picture (below) shows the couple in a very down-to-earth pose. Unlike many former photos taken of Royal couples, this one seems to present to the public, the true nature of Prince William as a people's Prince.

The Royal wedding stamps will be available from April 21st (this is the birthday of Prince William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth 11) and will only be available from Royal Mail.

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