Wedding Ring: Not for Prince William

Like all 'real' men, Prince William has opted not to wear a wedding ring. I've honestly lost count, but my father is on his 5th marriage (at least). He's never worn a ring to the best of my knowledge.

Men of our present generation wear their wedding bands. Of course their fathers didn't, but we all know they all had 'very good' excuses; it will get in the way of working at the factory, office, farm etc; it will make everyone know they're taken; it feels wrong on their skin....

It hasn't been publicly revealed why Prince William has chosen not to wear a wedding band (although it's been said it's because he's not one for jewellery), even though his father, Prince Charles does (his grandfather Prince, Philip does not). According to research, more than 90% of men want to wear their rings because they feel it's a public commitment to their wives. Of the men who don't wear rings after marriage, a large percent of them are tradesmen and surgeons.

Prince William's bride, Kate Middleton, will of course, according to Royal tradition, be wearing a ring made from rare Welsh gold. Details are to be released later on. Update: Catherine's (Kate's) wedding ring is a simple gold band made by traditional jewellers, The Wartski Company.  Her engagement ring looks like the replica pictured above. 

The bottom line is, a future king could do as he pleases. Wear a ring or not, the world knows he's married to Kate Middleton. The countdown to the grand occasion has already begun.

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Prince William - wedding ring
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