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The Royal wedding was obviously a world-wide event which captured the hearts of the young and old, globally. We all watched it on our screens and waited excitedly for pictures to follow in the newspapers, days following the event. But what if we could’ve had updates of this event sent right to our phones?
Well, there’s great news for iPad (and other tablets) users! Ringier, a popular and leading Swiss media company, has finally launched the long-awaited, global iPad application. This innovative and trendy app (or appazine) has internationally recognised and relevant content for its users. Naturally, it supports several different languages and is the first of its kind to simultaneously publish in English, German and Chinese. And the first issue focuses on Prince William — The British Monarchy’s Great Hope. 

Prince William is the second in line to the throne, but the public has seen how in-tuned he is with the common people. The phrase has been thrown around before, but Prince William is really the people's Prince. He won their hearts on that fateful day when the world saw his strength at his mother's untimely passing. Now we get to share in the romance of his wedding to a non-royal wife.
The appazine is monthly (like a magazine for your phone). The next big world event is obviously the London Olympics, 2012. You could have this appazine on your phone, so you won’t miss a thing! People all around the world, speaking different languages, will all be reading and experiencing the same journalistic brilliance as you are.
This app comes with perceptive user-interface. It will encompass articles, audio, photos and videos. Its inter-active essentials will include panoramic photography, 3D digital animation, creative morphing, rubbing, X-Ray lens, much to the delight of iPad owners world-wide.
There have already been favourable reviews of this amazing appazine. Little wonder too, as our world gets virtually smaller, we’re certainly ready for this next big thing.

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