Royal Wedding: The Trimmings!

Royal Wedding: the trimmings! As every bride knows, the jewellery and trimmings are what finishes off a beautiful wedding dress. Here are the trimmings Kate chose. Click on the links under 'Popular Posts' to read more details about each item.

Kate's tiara.

Kate's diamond earrings, a gift from her parents, worth thousands of pounds.

Kate's wedding ring, plain, Welsh gold.

Here, Kate wears the ring with her engagement one.

The veil.

The train.


And finally, the car!

Congrats to the couple. The wedding was excellent!
We can't afford these, obviously, but I've found some cheaper versions of wedding trimmings you may want to buy for yourself. Or why not create a wedding registry and have others buy what you want for you - all from the same place, from the comfort of their homes.