Know the Not Known

Ben Phillips bought a moored vessel weighing 500 tonnes, 5 years ago. What on earth for, I wondered when I first read this in the Know the Not Known campaign. With his team, Lightship95, he has now turned the trawler into a recording studio, practice space, and production suite (and a home for himself and team) for popular bands and artists.

Keep reading, there’s a point to all this.
A collective called, ‘This is it’ have transformed a railway arch into a magnificent studio. This collective is a group of young and successful Film Makers, Graphic Designers, Set Designers and Animators. They’re already created widely-viewed short films, and are steadily recreating this space into different and exotic imaginary worlds. Their last big video ‘Bad Things That Could Happen' was posted on Vimeo last December and garnered more than 1 million views in less than a week.

And this is how it all comes together:
Tiger Beer has partnered with Vice magazine to launch the Know The Not Known campaign. It’s all about putting together 8 Not Known events and video content, showcasing remarkable stories like the ones mentioned above. They’ve teamed up with 8 popular, creative and talented London promoters to get the events out there and present them to consumers, giving them access to tickets. Partners include,Get MeEmpire and Vice.
These events explore these awesome, creative spaces through the eyes of people who’ve transformed them from abandoned buildings and spaces into something usable and worthy.
Tickets can be accessed through Tiger beer's Facebook page.