Sneakers Fit For A King

Sneakers have always been popular in most parts of the world. Where I grew up in South America, school children were required to wear them as part of their school uniforms. Imagine how happy that made the sneaker manufacturing companies like Footlocker! They’re comfortable, stylish, sporty, and come in various ‘classes’. You don’t have to look very hard to find sneakers fit for a King or Prince. In fact, had Prince William (in this picture below) been wearing sneakers, the weight of the youngster who stepped on his foot, would’ve been slightly cushioned. Yes, sneakers are definitely the current big thing to hit the web!

It’s nice to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the news again for things not related to the Royal wedding. The one thing I’m fed up with in this entire episode, is the Duchess’ sister making every headline in every magazine. I don’t see the hype, honestly. I’m still waiting to ‘get it’. I’ve seen many more perfect bums - just in my street, and I frankly can’t see the fascination with hers. Is the media just scraping the bottom of the barrel because they think we’d be interested? (Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun). I did a search for the Duchess’ sister wearing sneakers, but have found none so far. I assume she, and the Royal couple do have sneakers because they’re quite fit people. Running, walking, and gym work all require these all-round shoes, don’t they?

So, are you a sneaker wearer/lover? Have you seen the sneaker art which has recently surfaced in Paris, or the hilarious sneaker streaker? You’ve got to see that one (picture below).

The above is certainly setting a remarkable trend for the Footlocker sneaker hype.  This is not quite in the same league as the sneaker streaker below:
See what I mean! I blame the Sneaker Movement for all this new buzz. Footlocker has set up this site  It's a Sneaker Thing as a hob for all the sneaker heads out there who’re interested in uploading all the crazy and unusual things they’re willing to do to be a part of this sneaker movement.
Many people are uploading personal stories, blog posts, facebook updates, twitter updates, messages, videos, pictures and much more. There’s also a facebook group, if you’re a real passionate sneaker beaker.  Get in the midst of the fun by visiting this site or their other facebook page at footlocker eu for tonnes of information and fun things to do. See also Nico's still images on Flickr. 
Have fun!

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